Welcome to The Miracle Response

Miracles to Build a New World Living Profile

Welcome to The Miracle Response

Makinag better use of miracle understanding.

The Book
The Miracle Response

Miracles are not a mystery. Their purpose  has been distorted by physical and religious history, and misunderstanding.
The fact is, miracles are no more religious or mysterious than a rainbow or a butterfly. Just as there are no physical words that describe the emotional connection to a rainbow or the intense metamorphosis a caterpillar  goes through to become a butterfly, Likewise there are no words to describe the impact that a miracle brings. 
There is one thing for certain, we all need more miracles in our lives. One of the reasons we do not have more of them is because of our upside down perception of reality.
Reality is not defined by what we believe, however our personal reality is. Miracles allow us to explore a reality that is quite different from the one that we believe is real. The many missed opportunities that would have provided us with miracles often go unrealized because our perception is not in alignment with miracles.
Simple things like the proper application of appreciation, understanding the purpose of miracles, the misunderstanding of fear and why it is necessary to replace fear with Love are just a few of the seemingly mysteries that miracles answer.
Join me into time on a journey of self exploration to uncover the mystery of the Miracle Response.

With Miracles all things are possible.