Welcome to The Miracle Response

Have you ever wished for a miracle, and nothing happened?

The truth is miracles do not understand our needs according to the same understanding that we have.

Is this fair? Not according to what we believe.  However, in order to better understand what miracles are for, we must become aware of the unlimited scope of Self Value that we were born with and how this value was stolen from us. we also must better learn to understand the unlimited potential that lies buried within. The means to understand this comes from a Plan that is thousands of years old. This Plan began as the means to help us regain control of our Spiritual Rights and regain our Rightful place in the Kingdom of God.
The Miracle Response will teach us how to assign miracles by making better decisions in time. The Miracle Response is concerned with the last 2000 years of history, as this is the period of time when miracles were introduced into the world. The purpose of introducing miracles into the world is to exchange the limitations that began at the time of the original sin, and replace this sin or deception with a whole awareness of Perfect Love. The miracle is a learning device, and was specifically designed to allow the people to exchange the purpose of sin to one of Love. This will release the people from the bondage of the sin that began thousands of years ago in and ancient world that was destroyed because of this sin.Miracles are a learning device that teaches that no one need suffer for the sins of an ancient world. Yesterday this was a sin, today this is nothing more than a mistake that can be corrected in time.

The Miracle Response will shift the time/space continuum to one that will place the people under the protection of Higher Eternal Living Laws. This will restore the Living Rights to the people, and return their Spiritual Inheritance. There has been a plan in place to steal this inheritance from the people by placing them in bondage to a cruel master that is using time inappropriately.
Miracles will shift time, and place time under the will of the people, but we the people must be willing to use the Plan to As we individually learn to use miracles to make new decisions that can and will create whole new circumstances and conditions for us individually and our world, we must be willing to undo the past conditioning in our own mind that is keeping us in bondage in time.

The more miracles that are released ahead of time as we understand it, the greater the faith in our miracle understanding will grow. 

The last time that miracles flooded time was 2000 years ago. The purpose of this release was to introduce a new way of understanding reality into the world. The Individual that released these miracles was a Man called Jesus Christ. 
The Bible states that He poured Himself out even unto His death. It was this pouring out that showed us that death is not real, and it is possible to overcome death.
Granted, the awareness of the Christ and His Consciousness was such that He could perform miracles without effort. The thing that must be remembered is that He told His followers that you will do greater things than these, but so far, this has not happened.

If we are to perform greater things that these, we must have access to a Plan that will teach us how.

The Great Miracle Release is the means to move ahead of the game that the old world has been playing to keep us in bondage and deny our Spiritual Heritage to us.

The goal is to release as many miracles ahead of time as is possible.This will establish an out of pattern time interval not under the usual laws of time.
In this sense, the miracle is timeless. Being timeless, it is not subject to the same.
It is the laws of time that are used by the material world that confines us to a world that does not follow the Living Laws of god.
The plan of escape from the old world comes from a plan that moves across time ahead of us. This is will build the miracle bridge that we can all walk across to explore a land that was promised to the people of the world since the beginning of time.
The only way to escape the time that is being assigned to keep we the people in bondage  to the old world of deception and sin is to build a Miracle bridge across time. This is to be done by releasing the miracles necessary to build this bridge. we the people are responsible for releasing these miracles.  The structure and integrity of the miracle bridge is not our concern, the miracles necessary to build the bridge are.

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